#037: Dave Porter | PorterVac

21 Mar #037: Dave Porter | PorterVac

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Dave Porter (@daveporter) is the Founder of PorterVac, Australia’s only specialist vacuum gutter cleaning service employing qualified roof tilers and the latest cutting edge technology.

The neat thing about Dave’s story is that he started at ground zero. He’s a former roof tiler but knew his time as a roofer was limited, so he closed down the business and went back to the drawing board. He took a chance, started PorterVac and now has a growing business which employs over 30 people.

During our chat, we covered:

  • those early days
  • the moment that changed his whole career and how it affected his attitude and mindset
  • every tradies dream
  • why he’s learned to be proud of his weaknesses
  • developing employees, and
  • why he has got involved in groups like the entrepreneur’s organisation.


To find out more about Dave, head to portervac.com.au.

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