#001: Scotty Cam | The Block

26 Jun #001: Scotty Cam | The Block

Scott Cam Trench Talk #001

Trench Talk Introduction

This is episode #001 of Trench Talk, welcome!

Trench Talk is hosted by award-winning plumber Matt Reynolds based out of Melbourne. Primarily in interview format, you’ll hear from interesting people including industry insiders, leaders and celebrities who share the critical lessons they feel have helped them carve out a career and master their own trade.

From the unique perspective of a local tradesman, this format is wide as we discuss all things business and self-improvement. Think tools, tips and strategies from high-level achievers.

Matt is a plumber, not a trained media personality, so if you prioritise action and practicality over polished professionalism, you’ve plugged into the right place.

EPISODE #001 – Scotty Cam

Scotty Cam is Australia’s most well-known tradesman and requires no introduction.

Some 30 years ago, he put his head down and got to work. By the time the dedicated carpenter came up for air he held a Gold Logie, the highest award in Australian television. We discuss hit TV show The Block, business, his book recommendations, money and his thoughts on asking for advice.

We shared this episode with a few people close to us who all commented individually that Scott’s advice about taking advice is some of the best they have ever heard, so that alone makes this worth a listen.

Enjoy Trench Talk episode #001 with Scotty Cam…

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