#002: Justin Burgoine | Kincrome

30 Jun #002: Justin Burgoine | Kincrome

Justin Burgoine Trench Talk #002

EPISODE #002 – Justin Burgoine

Justin Burgoine, alongside his brother Paul, is joint Managing Director of the family-owned tool company Kincrome.

Justin began his working career stacking shelves and cleaning out ashtrays on the weekends under the watchful eye of his father Ron. In early 1987, the Burgoine family purchased Kincrome from Patterson Cheney, a car dealership and began building their new business. Including the family, personal totaled just four.

Today, Kincrome is a multi-national, employees over 200 staff, continues to expand internationally and is ramping up its investment with a particular focus in the area of design.

We discuss Justin’s thoughts on controlling our future as a country, the importance of asking good questions, learning from mistakes and his advice for building a career.

The best way to learn more about Kincrome is to visit kincrome.com.au and join the Kincrome Klub (kincrome.com.au/register).

Enjoy Trench Talk episode #002 with Justin Burgoine…

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