#003: Shane Jacobson | AKA Kenny

06 Jul #003: Shane Jacobson | AKA Kenny

Shane Jacobsen #003 V04

EPISODE #003 – Shane Jacobson

Shane Jacobson got his big break as an actor when he played the lovable Aussie plumber Kenny, in the movie, Kenny.

It seems a little crazy when you think about it now, but just ten short years ago almost no one knew who Shane Jacobson was. The low budget, family made mockumentary about toilets changed all that.

From fearless Aussie plumber Kenny Smyth to the chair beside Jeremy Clarkson on the set of Top Gear and working alongside Matt Damon on The Bourne Legacy, Shane has the knack of keeping things fun and helping people laugh along the way.

We discuss his role as a plumber, maintaining his schedule, sleep, film and his thoughts on learning.

Enjoy Trench Talk episode 3 with Shane Jacobson…

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