#004: Ross Savas | Kay & Burton

Ross Savas #004 Trench Talk Podcast

06 Jul #004: Ross Savas | Kay & Burton

Ross Sava #004 Trench Talk Podcast

EPISODE #004 – Ross Savas

Ross Savas is Managing Director of Kay and Burton (kayburton.com.au), a real estate agency in Melbourne that has built a reputation for facilitating the sales of this state’s most exclusive and prestigious homes.

Ross works globally and is widely recognized as one of Australia’s most influential agents.

He walked into a real estate office for the first time at 15 years old with big ambitions, a work ethic to match and a dedication to learning that continues today. He earnt his own office and car spot with that company before he was even old enough to drive.

In 2010, Ross broke the record for the sale of the most expensive residential property in Victoria, the Portsea Estate named Ilyuka which sold for $27 million. You can watch the video Ross used to sell this property as he mentions in the interview here.

We discuss the downside of sleeping only 2-3 hours a night, the importance of investing in people, the long game in business and his current role leading a company with over 100 employees.

This interview is full of both personal and business growth insights.

Enjoy Trench Talk episode #004 with Ross Savas…

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