#010: Walt Collins | Healthy Homes Australia

02 Aug #010: Walt Collins | Healthy Homes Australia

Walt Collins Trench Talk #010

EPISODE #010 – Walt Collins

Walt Collins (@walt_collins), in just two years, has stamped his name into the TV landscape as a busy host who is on air 43 weekends of the year.

He’s also a career-long producer and his company BSTV produces many of the TV shows he hosts which include Healthy Homes Australia and Animal Extra both seen on Network Ten. Walt has just announced he’s also producing and co-hosting a new series for the Seven Network called Stay at Home Mum based on the blog of Jody Allen.

From England, Walt’s career began at fourteen years old. Having begged his mum for a video camera, it wasn’t long until the inquisitive and tech-savvy Walt worked out that by boosting a small transmitter, connecting it to a wok and positioning it over the neighbourhood, he was able to broadcast a TV signal from his bedroom. His very own pirate TV station was born.

We discussed-

  • the early years including the day he was caught broadcasting illegally
  • the carpentry apprenticeship he is currently completing
  • producing TV shows and selling them to the big networks
  • inspiring others, and
  • the life events that changed the way he now looks at his own goals

You can find Walt on Instagram and at waltcollins.com.au

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Enjoy Trench Talk Episode #010 with Walt Collins…

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