#017: Ben Walton-Healey | Aqua Blu Plumbing

19 Sep #017: Ben Walton-Healey | Aqua Blu Plumbing

Ben Walton-Healey Trench Talk XRM Matt Reynolds

Ben Walton-Healey joined me on the podcast this week to discuss his first year in business.

Ben worked as a plumber for several years before taking the plunge and starting out on his own.

We cover a lot of nuts and bolts first year business stuff in this episode including:

  • developing a work ethic
  • finding clients without advertising
  • setting goals, and
  • focusing on the big picture.


Ben has plans to grow his business Aqua Blu Plumbing, is now employing others and has an end goal of spending much more time with his family.

This episode is perfect if you have either just gone out on your own or are considering starting a small business.

If you’d like to contact Ben directly email him, he’s happy to answer any questions, [email protected].

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