#018: Peter Irvine | Gloria Jeans

26 Sep #018: Peter Irvine | Gloria Jeans

Peter Irvine Trench Talk Podcast #018 Matt Reynolds

Peter Irvine joined me to discuss his career which has included being on the marketing team that first launched the restaurant chain McDonald’s in Australia and establishing the Gloria Jeans Coffee franchise in Australia.

We discussed Peter’s business journey which began at the age of just 14, his thoughts on educating and helping his children and selling his stake in the Gloria Jeans operation.

Peter now speaks regularly at a wide range of business, community and industry events both in Australia and overseas.

He is the author of the books ‘Win In Business, 20 keys to catapult you towards your vision’ and, more recently ‘Building your Business, your People, your Life’

He has also produced a range of business training tools which you can find along with his books at his website peterirvine.com.

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