#019: Andrii Bondarenko | Cirque du Soleil

20 Oct #019: Andrii Bondarenko | Cirque du Soleil

Andrii Bondarenko Trench Talk Podcast #019 Black Matt Reynolds

Andrii Bondarenko (@andrii_bondarenko) is simply incredible and routinely (like almost every day) performs physical sequences that have to be seen to be believed.

Andrii has performed with Cirque du Soleil for the past 7 years in various shows and in different roles including “a flyer” which involves is exactly as the name suggests – flying through the air before being caught by the other performers. As a flyer, he has been responsible for carrying out some of the most difficult and captivating stunts that, without a doubt, were the highlights of the entire show. He has performed as a principal acrobatic character, including a mesmerizing solo act of hand-balancing on several chairs stacked on top of each other which are firstly placed on top of a table. We talked through this particular sequence during our chat.

Andrii is a many time national champion of Ukraine, holds the distinction of Merited Master of Sports (the highest distinction in the sport, in Ukraine), and even the prestigious Presidential Medal of Merit. Among his international accolades in acrobatics are the following medals: Silver at the 2004 World Championships, France; Gold at the 2005 World Cup, Belgium; and Gold at the VII World Games for non-Olympic sports (2005), Germany. Since sports acrobatics is not an Olympic sport, these are the highest conceivable achievements in Andrii’s sport.

We covered a lot in this episode including:

  • the new sequences and performances he’s currently working on
  • his diet and eating habits on the days he performs
  • tips for learning to handstand
  • the common type of exercise he avoids as he has found it decreases his own flexibility
  • how he maintains 6 day work weeks including what he does to recover quickly, and
  • his (not so secret) secret to maintaining great muscle definition in his arms.

I encourage you to check out both his Instagram and Facebook pages, if you have anything to do with health, fitness or the world of sports you will be amazed at this man’s strength, flexibility and balancing skills.

For further information head to andriibonarenko.com.

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