#020: Phillip Di Bella | Di Bella Coffee

30 Oct #020: Phillip Di Bella | Di Bella Coffee

Phil Di Bella Trench Talk Podcast #020 Matt Reynolds

Phillip Di Bella (Phillip Di Bella) founded Di Bella Coffee in 2002 with $5,000 of his own cash and, from his garage, began building his business. Recently, June of 2017, he completed the sale of his company to Retail Foods Group for $47,000,000.

This episode of Trench Talk is an in-depth chat with Phil (who currently has many new business interests) on his journey building Di Bella Coffee. As you can imagine, there’s a lot to learn between $5,000 and $47,000,000.

We covered:

  • starting the business including the struggles of the first 12 months
  • building a brand
  • incentivising employees
  • why, if you ever find yourself on a flight with Phil, he probably won’t talk to you
  • the Tall Poppy Syndrome
  • the sale of Di Bella Coffee, and
  • his thoughts on achieving work-life harmony.


If you’d like to connect with Phil, you can find him on LinkedIn and on Facebook.

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