#021: Tom Crampton | Trusted Impact

07 Nov #021: Tom Crampton | Trusted Impact

Tom Crampton Trust Impact Trench talk Podcast

Tom Crampton (@trustedimpact) is a cyber security expert at the helm of his own company Trusted Impact.

For the past decade, Tom has been helping some of Australia’s biggest and most well-known companies protect their digital information and remain secure online. As a consulting firm Tom and his team work regularly as hackers to first expose business weak points before then helping them implement solutions, plug holes, shore up and protect their most valuable information.

Tom’s clients include the Australian Government, World Vision, Victoria Police, Clarke Rubber, McMillan Shakespeare, Rinnai, The University of Melbourne,  IOOF, Telstra, Oxfam and many, many more.

In our chat, we covered several aspects of cyber security, including:

  • how to protect yourself online
  • the psychology of cyber criminals, how and why they target who they do
  • the fastest way viruses spread over the internet including how to avoid them
  • how Tom uses the Pineapple (a digital intercepting device) to grab sensitive information out of thin air, and
  • how to create a good password and where to store it.


You can find Tom and more information about his company Trusted Impact at his website trustedimpact.com.

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