#022: Jayne Nisbet | Free-ed

09 Nov #022: Jayne Nisbet | Free-ed

Jayne Nisbet Trench Talk Podcast #022 Matt Reynolds XRM

Jayne Nisbet (@jaynenisbet) is a former Commonwealth Games Athlete and National High Jump Champion of both Scotland and the UK.

Jayne has revealed she dealt with eating disorders throughout much of her career and now talks openly about her struggles in her new book called Free-ed, which she hopes will help others, especially young athletes to live empowered lives.

We covered:

  • mental illness including her own battles
  • her athletics career
  • dealing with injury
  • how her struggles affected her family and those close to her
  • the night it all turned around
  • book launch week
  • what she now eats in a typical day, and
  • her current work to help inspire others.


If you’d like to connect with Jayne, you can find her on both Facebook and on Instagram.

Of course, you can buy her new book, it’s available on Amazon right here.

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