#025: Ben Sofowora | Introduction to Meditation (episodes 26, 27 & 28)

26 Nov #025: Ben Sofowora | Introduction to Meditation (episodes 26, 27 & 28)

Ben Sofowora Trench Talk Podcast Episode 25, 25, 27, 28 Matt Reynolds XRM

Ben Sofowora (@bensofowora) is back and has put together a 3-part introductory series on meditation for you.

Meditation and meditative practices have come up a few times over the course of my interviews so far. For example, Phillip Di Bella talked openly about his anxiety and the meditation practices he now follows many evenings and pretty much whenever he is flying to help recharge. And, this series comes off the back of my discussions with biographer Roland Lazenby who has written a fair amount about how, some of the NBAs biggest stars including Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, have come to regard the meditative practices and teachings of mindfulness expert George Mumford as their secret weapons.

Episode #007 of Trench Talk with Ben is, to date (November 2017), the most downloaded episode of this podcast. That was a surprise to me for a few reasons but mainly because I hesitated putting it out at all. I wasn’t sure how it would be received but after it went on Facebook it took off! The post alone has (again to date) almost 33,000 likes, has generated a huge amount of website traffic and in turn podcast downloads.

Ben and I got talking and eventually decided to do this, an audio introduction to meditation. This three-part series is very similar to the meditations Ben guides others through on a daily basis, both in class and private settings. Ben has 30+ years of yoga and meditation experience and you may remember from his first appearance on this podcast, he is called on regularly by some, let’s just say extremely high-profile people, whom, if I could name them, you would definitely know of, for healing and other work of which meditation is a significant part.

Getting yourself into a peak-performing state is one thing, winding yourself out of it is an entirely different set of skills which can take some time, depending on your personality, to master. You can think of meditation as a tool or a way to help you refocus, recharge and re-centre your mind which can be particularly important when life, as it tends to have a habit of doing, pulls you off course and out of a state of compassion and calmness. It happens us all in varying degrees from time-to-time.

Meditation Series –

Episode 26: a quick meditation designed to help you release stress. It can be done in any position, even seated so this works perfectly in busy places like seated at an office desk or in a stationary car (parked safely).

Episode 27: a slightly longer meditation designed to help you release a more general level of stress and reconnect you with nature. It again can be done seated or lying and it works particularly well in a garden setting.

Episode 28: a meditation designed to help you gain strength, confidence and become resilient. This meditation can be done sitting, standing or lying down.

I’ve separated these three sessions into separate podcasts to make them much easier to access again in the future without having to sit through my long-winded introduction.

Come back to these 3 recordings whenever you need them, they are here for you, that may be on a regular basis like they will be for me, or for whenever you need a reminder to breathe and return to calmness.

You can find Ben directly at beempowerednaturally.com.

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