#056: Rob Gell AM | ReThink Sustainability

05 Aug #056: Rob Gell AM | ReThink Sustainability

Trench Talk Podcast: Rob Gell AM

Rob Gel AM is a coastal geomorphologist by training; he taught Environmental Science and Physical Geography at Melbourne State College and Melbourne University, then for thirty-one years presented television weather. He is also a keynote speaker and the MC for the 2019 World Plumbing Conference.

Rob has extensive experience in environmental communications and marketing, business strategy and sustainable development project design – responding to the need for business to be informed about new issues and actively develop new plans and programs to ensure an understanding of changing markets, the emerging green economy and the need for a positive and accountable contribution on behalf of all stakeholders.

Rob is a Director at ReThink Sustainability and at water tank supply company GreenCo Water. He is also a published author and a photographer.

Rob is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, an Inaugural Fellow of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand and a member of the council of the Royal Society of Victoria. He was a member of the Victorian Coastal Council for seventeen years and was Environment Ambassador to the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.

He is also the Patron of the Geography Teachers Association of Victoria, Wildlife Victoria, and Life Education Victoria. He is a Life Ambassador for Australia Day.

On Australia Day 2014 Rob was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia in recognition of his service to conservation, to the protection of coastal and marine environments, and to the community.

Within this conversation, you’ll find a tonne of business ideas and opportunities. The world is changing quickly, we have crossed the cost barrier for many sustainable solutions, society is embracing the sustainable approach and businesses are investing to protect their brands and to save money.

We also discussed:

  • global warning
  • building products creating large carbon footprints and the somewhat surprising products that will likely replace them
  • many sustainable technologies including electric and hydrogen-powered cars
  • making money and reducing waste
  • sustainability in relation to becoming an employer of choice
  • examples of businesses and towns embracing new technologies like the use of hydrogen gas
  • making correct sustainable and environmental choices
  • the opportunity for new business
  • presenting television weather and, as always,
  • much more


To connect with Rob head to rethinksustainability.com.au, his Twitter handle is @robgell and you’ll find him pretty easily using the search function on both Facebook and LinkedIn.

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