#068: Irwin Hau | Chromatix

12 May #068: Irwin Hau | Chromatix

Trench Talk Podcast: Irwin Hau

Irwin Hau Podcast Interview Trench Talk

Irwin Hau is the Founder and Director of Chromatix, a web design and conversion agency that specialises in captivating user experiences that drive results utilising human behaviour psychology blended with web technology.

What does that mean you might ask? Irwin and his team are very good at designing and building websites that convert traffic into enquiries, leads, quoting opportunities, bookings, phone calls or whatever the intended goal for your website is.

Their job is to make your website the hardest working and best performing sales person on your team.

From web design to development, Irwin and his team have created over 50 award-winning designs for their clients which include the likes of Bowens Timber, John Sands, Light FM, Energy Networks Australia and Breadtop.

During this chat, we covered:

  • design and functionality aspects that make great websites
  • some of the common website mistakes which negatively impact performance
  • the differences between website traffic and conversion (both commonly misunderstood) and how each effects your intended website objectives
  • why it’s important to check you website is working properly regularly and some tips to make that easy
  • website budgets including the level of build you can expect to get for your money and, as always,
  • much more

You can find out more about Irwin at chromatix.com.au.

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Enjoy Trench Talk Episode #068 with Irwin Hau…


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