#073: Sarah Taylor | 21 x World Body Building Champion

09 Aug #073: Sarah Taylor | 21 x World Body Building Champion

Trench Talk Podcast: Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor is both the Chief Operations Officer and Chief Technical Officer at one of Melbourne’s hottest startups and a 21 x World Bodybuilding Champion.

Classified obese at age 40, Sarah lost 25kg without dieting while getting fit to achieve a person goal of climbing a mountain. At that time, she was working a high-profile job, running 3 active blogs, trying to carve out a side hustle as a photographer and running a digital magazine.

Her world crashed around her. She was diagnosed with depression, had many injuries from overtraining and underwent double shoulder surgery. She was completely burnt out emotionally, physical and mentally.

Resolving to fix things herself she returned to the evidence based lifestyle strategies she’d developed to lose weight. She accidentally got into bodybuilding at age 42, and 10 weeks later competing at the state level won her 1st show before going on to clean sweep 11 of 11 amateur world titles by age 45 and another 8 professional world titles (+2 more amateur titles for good measure…!) by age 50.

During this chat, we covered:

  • forming good habits
  • planning your eating
  • the photography term magic hour and how that applies in life
  • being productive and why your brain worries about things that don’t get finished
  • athletic thinking
  • why calm is contagious and, as always,
  • much more


Sarah has been kind enough to make the resources mentioned during the recording available and both can be downloaded from the following links

Planning & Time Use Worksheet

Sphere of Control

You can find out more about Sarah you can find her on Facebook or on Instagram.

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Enjoy Trench Talk Episode #073 with Sarah Taylor


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