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Colin Wright Interview Trench Talk Podcast

16 Jan #032: Colin Wright | Exile Lifestyle

Colin Wright (@colinismyname) is an author who travels full-time.

Originally from California, Colin started and ran a branding studio in Los Angeles.

After experiencing some financial success, he refocused his attention on being happier, healthier, and doing work he believes in; which meant a dramatic adjustment to the metrics of how he measured success.Shortly thereafter he got rid of everything he owned that didn’t fit into a carry-on bag and hit the road. That was in 2009, he has been traveling ever since and Colin says “It was the best decision I’ve ever made”.

He’s is an incredibly intelligent and interesting man, he’s written some 30+ books on topics including travel, minimalism and business. He works from wherever he is currently living, co-owns a publishing company (Asymmetrical Press), speaks internationally, runs a blog which can be found at exilelifestyle.com and produces his own podcast called “Let’s Know Things“.

Every four months or so, Colin’s readers vote on where he will move and live next.

In this conversation, we covered a variety of topics including tech, a little on the stock market and how he would go about building an app for the trade sector if he was commissioned with that task.

To learn more about Colin, search his name and you’ll find him pretty much everywhere, his handle is @colinismyname on most social networks, or head to his website: colin.io

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