#029: Logan Nathan | i4Tradies

12 Dec #029: Logan Nathan | i4Tradies

Logan Nathan Trench Talk Podcast #029

Logan Nathan (@logannathan) has developed and built an app for the building and maintenance industry called i4Tradies.

He’s also an electronics engineer, Microsoft Brand Ambassador and former employee of BHP where he rolled out the first IBM PS2 machine (the most powerful computer at the time), before then, a little later, introducing the first Apple Macintosh computer to the BHP network.

Logan has also worked for Cathay Pacific and Alliance in similar roles. He has spent a career pushing the boundaries of technology implementation, is an author and is now attempting to transform the trade industry, starting right here in Australia.

We spent most of this episode discussing the app, what it does and how Logan is doing things differently.

No one (at least as far as I have found) has cracked the trade space and developed a true marketplace app where the end customer, field workers, office staff and in some cases facility or property managers can all talk to each other inside the one platform.

There are many lead generation companies who simply connect consumers with tradesman and there are also companies who handle the backend including employee scheduling and job management. No one (again, as far as I’m aware) has connected all 4 parties like Logan has been able to do.

If you’d like to know more about i4Tradies, head to i4tradies.com.au where you can trial the app for free.

Note: we recorded this week’s podcast in an office next to a very busy road, so please excuse the traffic noise that fades in and out in some parts of the episode.

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Enjoy Trench Talk Episode #029 with Logan Nathan…

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