Matt Reynolds





Matt Reynolds is a plumber, writer, speaker and host of the Trench Talk Podcast.


Matt began his working career as an apprentice plumber in Australia. He is an award-winning business owner who now specialises in driving productivity and profitability in the trade sector through the use of mobile applications and improved customer experience.


Reynolds is the son of middle-class Melbournians and was schooled through the public system where he achieved below average grades. He didn’t always feel the school system favoured his strengths. Fortunately, he realised early on that it’s just as important to dream big, roll up your sleeves and take action as it is to achieve good grades.


In 2001, Matt founded XRM Plumbing Services after being personally recognised for his contributions within the plumbing industry, his awards include-

  • The Copper Industry Award
  • Box Hill Institute Apprentice of the Year Award
  • The Master Plumbers Association’s Rose Curtis Award
  • Rotary Club Apprentice of the Year Award


Matt has since been awarded in the franchise industry for fast business growth and has served as an advisor, including roles for the Laser Plumbing & Electrical Franchise Group and at i4Tradies, a disruptive digital platform. i4Tradies facilitates and reports, in real-time, the entire cycle of maintenance jobs across several trades; from plumbing and electrical to cleaning and bricklaying.


He has also spoken internationally for trade organisations on topics including marketing and business development and appears regularly in industry publications including Australian Plumbing, the industry’s leading publication produced by the Master Plumbers Association.


In his spare time, Matt producers the podcast called Trench Talk, where in interview format, he speaks with industry leaders, icons, celebrities and others to discuss all things business and self-improvement.


To connect with Matt, simply type @MrMattReynolds into your search bar and you’ll find all the social links. Below are some of the short cuts –