#036: Jerome Beekmans | Mr Electric

06 Mar #036: Jerome Beekmans | Mr Electric

Mr Electric Jerome Beekmans Trench Talk Podcast

Jerome Beekmans (@jeromebeekmans) is the Master Franchisor of Mr Electric Australia.

Jerome is a 3rd generation electrician who’s had some great times in the building industry but he’s also had to endure, like many have, some tough times as well.

It’s a familiar story for those of you who know the trade sector well; you build your business, grow, take on bigger and bigger work, until, eventually, you run into a client who doesn’t pay you for the work you have completed. For Jerome, that happened in the weeks before he got married.

He was forced to re-assess his plans, and ultimately found his way to the franchise industry where he is now building a national brand.

It’s Jerome’s vision to make “Mr Electric Australia the leading residential and commercial electrical services and repair company in Australia.”

During our chat, we covered:

  • work ethic
  • his views on our education and formal schooling system
  • introducing Jim’s Electrics (as part of the bigger Jim’s Franchise Group) to Australia which Jerome did before he began developing Mr Electric
  • the importance of knowing your ideal customer
  • how he has structured their pricing model
  • growing trade-based business, and
  • why working smarter alone is not enough and why working harder doesn’t always guarantee you success.


To find out more about Jerome, head to mrelectric.com.au.

The trade software program Jerome mentioned can be found at i4tradies.com.

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