#030: Renee Kiley | Professional Triathlete

19 Dec #030: Renee Kiley | Professional Triathlete

Renee Kiley Trench Talk Podcast 30 Matt Reynolds XRM

Renee Kiley (@reneekiley_) has transformed herself from an overweight business owner at 104kgs to a professional triathlete in just 3.5 years.

In 2013 at 30 years old, Renee was the owner of multiple successful small businesses, had an extensive investment property portfolio and was earning a very good income. Life looked fantastic on the surface. However, she was also obsessed with work, obese at 104kg, a heavy smoker, unhealthy and unhappy.

In March 2014, Renee competed in her first triathlon. Until that first race, she had not swum or ridden a bike since primary school and not run further than a few kilometres here and there in over 10 years. Throughout 2014 Renee lost over 42kg and completely turned her life around.

Renee has had an incredible rise in the sport of triathlon. She finished 252nd in that first sprint distance race. She went on to do her first Ironman in August 2015 where she won her age group. She has competed at the Ironman World Championships twice as an amateur. And in July this year, Renee applied for and was granted her Professional Licence. Meaning she is now a Professional Triathlete competing alongside the best female triathletes in the world. In only her 3rd race as a Professional, she finished 2nd.

Renee has a passion for talking about her journey, the achievements, disappointments and challenges faced along the way in the hope that it might inspire others to tackle something for themselves that they once thought was impossible.

We covered:

  • mindset and managing your emotions
  • we got into some specific triathlon stuff including how she trains
  • some of the gear she uses
  • what Renee eats
  • how she sets goals
  • dealing with negative self-talk, and
  • how her life has become in her own words “so much easier” now she has lost all that weight.


To connect with Renee and follow her journey head to reneekiley.com where you’ll find all her social links.

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