#035: Ryan Trainor | BSchool

21 Feb #035: Ryan Trainor | BSchool

Ryan Trainor Trench Talk Podcast XRM

Ryan Trainor (@ryantrainor) is a serial entrepreneur and Co-Founder at BSchool (@bschool_aus).

Ryan is an extremely humble guy who would never say it himself, but he’s accomplished more in business and life than many of us have probably ever thought possible.

He sold his first company to Wilson Parking, sold his second company to the Washington Post, has been on the BRW Young Rich List, has built schools in India, is a former Carlton Football Club Board Member and Vice-President, and just recently moved his family to Indonesia.

We talk about all that and a bunch more, including:

  • the role of luck in entrepreneurship
  • education, the sector he’s got a real passion for and how technology is changing that space
  • a bit on the process of building and selling his companies
  • some of the hard moments including how his wife Rachel has supported him throughout the journey
  • his thoughts on getting more done
  • running
  • meditation
  • raising capital
  • recruiting key personnel, and
  • the downside of startups.


To find out more about Ryan, head to bschool.edu.au and opt-in for the newsletter.

His next venture Udify, is also launching shortly.

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