#038: Sachi Wickramage | i4Tradies

16 Apr #038: Sachi Wickramage | i4Tradies

Trench Talk Podcast EP38 Sachi-Wickramage-Social-Innovation-Congress-Singapore

Sachi Wickramage (@sachiwickramage) is a Jury Member of the United Nations World Summit Awards Global Contest, a panel that selects and promotes the world’s best Disruptive Digital Innovation Technologies with a Positive Impact on Society.

He is also appointed as the National Expert for Australia by the UN WSA to spearhead the World Summit Awards Australian Chapter.

In addition to all of that, Sachi is the Chief Operating Officer at i4Tradies.

Prior to joining i4Tradies in 2017, Sachi worked as the Head of hSenid Outsourcing, a wholly owned subsidiary of hSenid Software International. In his 10+ years’ with the group, he managed over 50 large, highly scalable IT projects spanning across multiple sectors varying from Telco, HR, e-Commerce, Finance and Healthcare, to Entertainment.

Sachi has a strong passion for Mobile Apps and has managed over 70 Mobile App projects. He also Co-Founded the mobile & wearable apps “FlipBeats” & “Expense Tracker 2.0” which have won 13 international awards to-date, while generating enormous media buzz. These Apps have an active user base of over 1 Million worldwide.

During our chat, we covered:

  • his work and thoughts on sustainability, including is work involving the United Nations
  • how he designed a system that facilitates over 8.5 million transactions every day
  • the marketing campaign they used during the World Cup that sent his app FlipBeats to #1 (downloads) in Brazil
  • how he got FlipBeats preloaded on all the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones that T-mobile released in Germany, and
  • the challenges of building large IT systems.

To find out more about Sachi, head to Sachi Wickramage.

The LinkedIn article he mentioned about his recent trip to Vienna for the World Summit Awards can be found here.

More information about i4Tradies can be found at i4Tradies.com.

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