XRM Plumbing Services

XRM Plumbing has serviced inner Melbourne real estate for well over a decade. As investment property specialists we work directly with premium Real Estate Agents and landlords to resolve their plumbing challenges and keep their tenant’s homes functional.

Although we are not currently accepting any new clients we continue to contribute to many industry publications and make our podcast Trench Talk available for the wider community. You can find it right here.

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We unblock, repair and maintain both stormwater and sewer drains of all sizes. Drains are a lot like your teeth, you only think about them when there is a problem so you need someone like us on standby when the tooth ache hits. Drains which smell, gurgle, bounce up and down in level and more obviously don’t drain are all signs of broken drainage system.

Gas Works including Servicing

Gas appliance safety has hit the mainstream media because they can cause disasters and death when they are not property maintained. As a minimum, Gas appliances need to be checked and tested at least every two years by a licensed tradesman. It’s a better practice to have them checked every annually.

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Faulty taps are one of the more obvious plumbing problems to spot, yet they are often neglected. Taps should not drip or leak, be hard to turn either on or off and should have a smooth feel when in used. Repairing leaking taps is not always a simple washer change.


Servicing standard taps should include –

  • Completely dismantling & cleaning spindles
  • Replacement of all ‘o’ rings & seals
  • Lubricating spindles with an approved water resistant grease
  • Checking and reconditioning the tap seats as required
  • Replacing the tap washers with quality & durable type
  • Check and test on completion


Blocked, broken and leaking toilets are not features of a happy home. We like happy homes so we are ready to fix an issue you have – all makes, all models! Even the smallest of leaks can add up big on your next water bill so in addition to saving water it makes financial sense to keep all your fixtures in good and working order.


From time to time appliances need to be replaced or upgraded due to malfunction, age, non-availability of replacement parts or a personal choice for something a bit more modern. We provide an installation service for most household appliances including dishwashers, gas ovens, insinkerators, hot plates, fridges, washing machines, dryers and many others.

Water & Gas Pipes

Water and gas pipes leaks (or suspected leaks) need to be attended to straight away. Leaking water can cause costly damage and leaking gas is a dangerous fire hazard.

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